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Saturday, July 16, 2005


Teresa Sparks

Git yrself some 100 and 200 grit sandpaper and a manicure file/buffer and you'll work that chip out lickety-split.

Or keep it and remember folding full of shitty beer.

I like my supplies to look as though they've seen action, when they have. I keep chipped type around as a warning to the rest.

We're both in CWHOBB? XX. Howdy.

Mark L.

I think I got some email from one Inheritance G. Determinism about some sort of medication that sounds like it might be helpful for 2AM bone-folder problems.


Shin Yu Pai

Tip from my former book-making teacher Catherine Papenfoth: The dull side of a butter knife works great in the absence of a good bone folder.


that's all good bone advice! I pushed through the trouble tho - for it really wasn't any trouble at all - and the pape got good n scored n folded, and is now stacked beneath a large man's weight of brick.

I find that a dry brayer can do the work of a good bone folder as well. And my forehead works good too! Same with an empty bottle of scotch.


i'm all about the brayer. i got a lucite one with a little metal handle. faster than bone folding (though i still use that to score the spines and for smaller projects).

congrats on the new chap!


For future reference, spoons work too--


I keep a stack of folders on hand, in case of accident or incident or mishap, or some cute art student girl really really interested in learning how to bind books. I keep a couple in my bag, keep one in the beaker full of pens at work... but I do have a favorite, such a favorite, been using it going on ten years, it's bent and molded to the shape of my enfolding fist, the oils of my skin and the dirt of me pressed deep into the pores in the bone. God, I love that folder.

Favorite question: "Why do they call it a bone folder?" 'Cause it's a thing made from bone that you fold with, duh. Be called something else they made it from something else... like a 'folder' or 'scorer' or 'long skinny hunk of plastic great for multiple purposes and on sale today at ten for a buck!' I think I might love my folder more than cute art students. My folder doesn't ask any dumb questions at all...


i dream of a bone folder as heavy as a lead padding weight, where one can simply pass the thing over a box of folded paper and boom.

my car, my cat, my body, my appliances, my soul, my bed, etc... all things to consider in lieu of a bon a fide bone folder.

Drew, send those art students this way if you haven't the patience for their questions. i'll find some patience. and kudos to you and your fist-shaped bone. it's too fantastic.

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