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Monday, March 14, 2005


Joe Massey

Hard to geel a feel through pixels, but I really like what I see by Trussell.


Yeah, it's good. I'm no art critic and cannot articulate well what happens in Philip's paintings, but it's deep and it moves. I have 5 or 6 of his painting and will hopefully get many more, much to the chagrin of my lady, who thinks a diverse collection would be a better idea. I'd take all of his paintings if I could. It's fun going around to the various homes, apartments, and offices of our group of people here in Austin, everyone has at least a couple of Philip's paintings (including my lady).

chris murray

Hey, Scott, this is just great! Thanks so much for posting it--wonderful work from Philip. I wish him every goodness and success for the show. I'm posting a notice to tex, too.


Suzanne Sloan Lewis

Philip,I have been trying to find you. If you see this posting, do you think you might respond and let me know how I might contact you in a more direct way. I would like to know what has happenned the last 40 years, that I've missed having you in my life. Suzanne

Leland Smith

I first saw Philip's mural in black beneath a (I think it was the 13th St.) Bridge on Shoal Creek. It was a vast surface of white concrete which he covered in geometric symbols that were intertwined and interlaced. Many human figures, thousands of images perhaps.
Suppose that is long gone. Met Philip at the Vanishing Point on East 6th in the late eighties. I was telling the person I was with that who ever did these pictures on the wall it was the same guy that did the mural under the bridge, and there he was. Like an elf, a sage, what an eye, such perspective.

Diane (Mauser) Yeadon

Phillip, I have been trying to find you.
Around 1980 when you were in Danvers,Ma. visiting Joan Ross I purchased 3 of your works which I love.
Please contact me.
Diane -violinist

Phillip Matz

I too have been trying to find you. I was your painting student at Ohio University in 1967-69 and later you helped me get into Mass Art. I'd love to get in touch. I teach art at an international school in Tokyo and you remain my inspiration, I still reference the lessons you did in my work with students here. I'd love to see some of your more recent work. Do you have something online?
Phillip from Zanesville

Scott Patterson

Started a search after stumbling upon the pamphlet for your joint 1969 exhibit with Ruth at Muskingum College, Ohio. Also your student at OUZ. Thanks for teaching me to see. Would love to see your work. No more tubers, I assume?
Scott Patterson.

dn erbjudande

Nowadays denna planläggning är anställd av fler jämte fler företag även av de som har produkter att auktionera gillar varma kakan men ändå vill ha fler kunder jämte mer medvetenhet.
betalda undersökningar gratis
För att begära ett prov behöver du bara fylla i dina uppgifter ytterligare klicka på Foga.

Det finns också många falska FarmVille Facebook grupper som försöker lova liknande thing.
" - erbjudanden hotell stockholm
Att ha ett nytt småttingar i deras liv kan komplicera saken ännu mer eftersom småbarn har särskilda behov som kan bli riktigt dyrt, i all synnerhet i vår moderna world.

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