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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Mark L.

Received the chapbooks in the mail today. They are gorgeous, I can't wait to read them. Thanks for sending them so quickly.

Looks like I placed my order a few days too early, though!

Steven Moore

Received Eureka Slough in remarkably quick time (less than a week to UK). Many many thanks. It's a beautiful book. The discussion of the book on Ron Silliman's blog is very interesting, especially the comments from Kyle Kaufman who saw Massey read the book:

I saw Joe read this very work at the release party for this chapbook last month, at David Hadbawnik's reading series in SF. My memories of his reading have - I now see - almost nothing to do with what Ron is reading. I remember entirely the tension, angst, rage and insecurity - all funnelled through the 40oz'er he was drinking while performing - and that my main impression of the work - and what Ishared with him afterwards - was a deep, devastating suffering coming across, one that aroused concern (for the poet) and wonder (that the poems held this). I distinctly remember thinking that it was astounding how gothic he had rendered Eureka, how a place so fullof natural beauty appeared so torturous and devastated - almost abandoned - in the work. Now, seeing the work (I don't have a copy) I have to marvel at how "easy" Ron's reading is - I mean it seems - I think its said above "spot on". I have the sense of seeing the words here for the first time. Yet I remember that second poem, I just remember it as an entirely different beast. Mind-blowing.

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